Getting the Right Custom Challenge Coins Design

The design of your custom challenge coins must be well thought of if you want the recipients to keep them for a long time. When you think of a design for your coin, it should be appealing enough to grab attention without misleading. The design of your coins must have something to do with the purpose that you want them to serve.

If you are a business owner, then the design of your coin should have something to do with the things that your company offers. It should clearly state your purpose and goal. Most individuals regard your custom corporate the coins as representatives of your company. A sloppy-looking coin could affect the way that people look at your business.

custom challenge coinsYou need to come up with a design that briefly states something about your company or business, and make sure that it leaves a positive impression. The design of your custom coins must be able to attract your target audience or clients, otherwise it would be useless.

Think of the things that might attract you target clients or audience, and add them to your design without going overboard. Keep everything balanced, and don’t flood your custom challenge coins with too many add-on designs. The message should be clear and precise.

Some Ideas for your Design

Most companies include their company logo or insignia in their custom coins. Some include their company motto. You need to think of a good color combination that would make your coin standout in a nice way. Most people are more attracted to good color combination than the design itself.

It is also wise to choose the colors that best describe the products and services that you offer. If you are a garden supplier, then colors brown and green are good colors to include in your design. To add a bit of color, you can choose yellow, red, orange, and/or blue. The idea is to make the designs practically come alive.

If you think black and white are the perfect colors for your kind of business, then make sure that your design is something that goes well with colors black and white. A checkered design is great for black and white. Stripes are also good. A black and white combination exudes a formal aura.

You can also get some ideas from nature, a cityscape, regular things that you see, and others. Just make sure that the design is suitable to the things that you offer. Don’t include a drawing of pesticide if you are selling organic produce – don’t include something that could contradict the image that you want to establish for your business.

You also need to consider the kind of metal that you want to use for your custom challenge coins. If you want to make the coins last longer, then choose a more durable metal. Understand that the price of the coins vary according to the materials used in producing them.

You can also design a different batch of coins that are intended to attract a specific group of people. Again, you need to come up with a design that speaks highly of the things that you could give the intended target. Don’t include something in your coin that might lead to confusion or misunderstanding. There is a chance that you might be accused of being a fraud or you have an intention to mislead. When that happens, you will lose the favor of your intended target and it would be difficult to win their support.

You can also get some design ideas from the things in your surroundings or the things that the people in your company usually do. You can include in your design an everyday item that has something to do with your business. People who are already familiar with your custom coins will automatically link your business with that particular item whenever they see it.
It is good to know that custom challenge coins with good design are hard to forget or throw away.

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